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Investment Strategy Report With the current economic recession and high unemployment figures affecting much of the United States finance has become a prominent area of concern. While for much of the 1990s the American economy experienced an economic boom – some might say a bubble – current financial trends are highly bearish.


This essay examines John J. Murphy’s ‘Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets’ in terms of a number of investigative criteria. Murphy’s ‘Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets’ entirely implements technical analysis as an investment tool. As such, this strategic approach to investment is not for all investors. Such technical analysis requires the investor be vigilant in their investing, so that individuals or institutions such as pension plans may not be in favor of the high involvement criteria of this approach. In terms of return goals, the very nature of this theory is such that it seeks to beat the market. While other investment strategies attempt to accrue gains through long-term investment approaches, this approach seeks to develop means of identifying market trends as a means of achieving above average gains. As such an investor implementing this approach should be willing to accept a higher level of risk than the typical investment approach, risk higher than the typical market. Generally it’s understood that this method of technical analysis is a short-term investment approach as the investor seeks to capitalize on specific market moves in the short-term as a means of gaining immediate profits. Still, Murphy notes there are some long-term elements to his strategy. ...
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