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Regis University College for Professional Studies – School of Management MBA / MSA A603 – Financial Reporting Policy and Practice Facilitator: Facilitator’s last name Term: e.g., M8W1-12 Summary Issue Analysis (Research Paper) The Ethical Issues, Economic Consequences, and Political Context relating to Accounting for Stock-based Compensation Instructions for Completing Summary Issue Analysis Assignment The objectives of this template and its instructions are to maximize students’ learning and grade by: 1.


The facilitator will reduce one full letter on the grade marking for any completed template, because of a student has not entered her or his responses in the appropriate box. Enter responses using single space and the font type and size should be the pre-determined one for the template (Times New Roman, 12-point). The facilitator will reduce one full letter on the grade for any completed template, if a student has used other spacing conventions, font type or font size. Wherever grammatically appropriate and helpful, include paragraph breaks and bulleted lists to organize responses. Responses must not exceed the maximum word count limit for each section [as set forth in brackets next to each heading]. Determine the number of words included in the response to each section and input the word count to each response in the spaces provided within the template. ...
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