Importance of a Global Approach to Regulating Corporate Governance

Importance of a Global Approach to Regulating Corporate Governance Essay example
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Importance of a global approach to regulating corporate governance Author Tutor’s name Institution 8th December 2011 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Corporate governance is concerned with how the companies or firms make decisions, how they manage and organize themselves and how they converse with shareholders and the entire world.


Multi National Corporations needs to introduce excellent business practices, enhance their decision making and give valid reasons for people to invest in the company. Many companies around the world have failed due to lack of proper corporate governance. The global crisis is an example of how failure of executive and boards to manage the financial institutions, banks and other organization using proper corporate governance. The corporate governance problems are mostly experienced in countries where legal environment provides incredibly few corporate government strategies and practices, few shareholders right and few disclosure requirements. Companies can efficiently compete, and the economies can prosper well if they adopt the practices, and strategies recommended by International Corporate Governance Network. Multi national corporations should ensure that the shareholders exercise the rights through effective and open conversing and communicating information as well as engaging them in general meetings. This will be very useful and effective as it will lead to growth and expansion of companies. Transparency and disclosure of material matters concerning the Multi National Corporations should be balance and timely. Everybody interested in the company gains confidence because he or she will note the areas that need improvement or are well managed. ...
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