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FINA 4314: International Finance International Investing Project (This exercise can also be found in Madura International Financial Management Abridged 10e, Appendix D.) Please read and note the due dates below: This project allows you to learn more about international investing and about firms that compete in the global arena.


The explanations will offer insight on what is driving the valuations of the U.S.-based MNCs and the foreign stocks over time. Select two stocks of U.S.-based MNCs that you want to include in your portfolio. If you want to review a list of possible stocks or do not know the ticker symbol of the stocks you want to invest in, go to the website, which lists stocks alphabetically, or to, which lists stocks by sectors or industries. Make sure that your firms conduct a substantial amount of international business. Next, select two foreign stocks that are traded on U.S. stock exchanges and are not from the same foreign country. Many foreign stocks are traded on U.S. stock exchanges as American depository receipts (ADRs), which are certificates that represent ownership of foreign stock. ADRs are denominated in dollars, but reflect the value of a foreign stock, so an increase in the value of the foreign currency can have a favorable effect on the ADR's value. To review a list of ADRs in which you may invest, go to and click on ADR Universe. Click on any industry listed to see a list of foreign companies within that industry that offer ADRs and the country where each foreign company is based. ...
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