Account theory:The Coca-Cola Company

Account theory:The Coca-Cola Company Essay example
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For several decades, human societies have always considered ethics and accountability important components of processes that result in the creation of ethical values, and in the theories that allowed humans to acquire an understanding of the whole process


Unfortunately, despite efforts by philosophers and theorists, one can see that individuals and businesses have not been able to fulfill the ethical requirements that often result in unethical practices, disasters, public controversies, scandals, etc (Crane, 2007, pp. 19-24). In other words, business ethics seems a theoretical world, as such principles rarely exist in the real world. In response, theorists have played a critical role in explaining the reasons and processes at play in disasters and controversies; it will be the major focus of this paper as well. For instance, a range of accounting and ethical principles exists in business organisations but it has been observed that owners and decision-makers are always busy giving profitability the highest priority; this subsequently creates problems. Discussion in this paper will include the endeavour of the researcher to scrutinise a case study of Coca-Cola (2011), one of the leading organisations. This will allow an understanding of how disasters or controversies occur and how such companies deal with them by looking into the scenario through the lens of accounting theories. ...
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