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Being a big business in today’s world requires a company to maintain prestige,a strong and constant cash flow, and loyal customers. It also means holding a very strong reputation, which can easily be brought down to shame with a single incident.


Large corporations have a responsibility to ensure that they fulfill their promises of quality and confidence. While large businesses have thousands of customers, dissatisfying one customer or not fulfilling customers’ expectations can significantly affect the reputation of a company. Companies rely upon word of mouth, and after building a reputation that has prevailed for years, one incident can change the perception of their customers forever (Ouchi, 1981, p. 82). Once a company makes a mistake, they will take numerous actions to compensate the customer or let the public know their viewpoint regarding the incident. Some mistakes are forgivable and only affect the company’s short-term sales while other mistakes may even cause the company to file bankruptcy or go out of business (Ohmae, 1982, pp. 45-48). Accidents that cause death, injury, or serious mistreatment of customers may result in a boycott of the company’s products, as well (Schendel, 1979, p. 45). Smaller mistakes such as faulty products or malfunctioning goods may only result in the company having to replace the products and refund the customer (Barney, 1986, p. 1236). Discussion Japan is a market with very high context culture and very strict standards of adherence to cultural practices. The Japanese are not sympathetic towards other cultures and do not allow international companies to take advantage of using different social norms when they conduct business in Japan. ...
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