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Political Environment of Firms Name Instructor Task Date Introduction The strategies for aerospace industries in the three case study economies have both similarities and differences. The developing countries became ambitious in their aerospace by developing and embracing high tech industrialization, due to emerging economic and political factors.


Brazil Aerospace It got started when the government gave technological support to private firms through the Centro Tecnico da Aeronautica (CTA) established in 1947 in Sao Paulo, being the most advanced research institution among the industrializing countries. The state allowed private ownership to the production of aerospace but gave the technological support and increased allocation of resources in science and technology. The partnership between the public and the military allowed the advancement of the industry (Goldstein, 2022, pp. 525). For national security, Brazil could not depend on imported military equipment and it could not also allow them to be produced by foreign manufactures, the industry was owned fully by the government but was governed by private law and was managed by a competent autonomous management that created good relations between the management and the Ministry of Aeronautics. The ministry made the local environment complimentary due to financial, fiscal, marketing, regulatory and international responsibilities. The firm also got financing through a state development bank which benefited from tax holidays. ...
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