Financial Analysis of the Company Diageo

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Financial Analysis of the company Diageo Abstract: This paper is an analysis of the financial performance of the firm Diageo PLC. The financial analysis is conducted in order to serve the investors with accurate information regarding whether investments especially long term investments in Diageo PLC would be profitable for the investors or not.


Ratio analyses are simply used in accounting to express the relationship in mathematical terms between two related figures of the financial statement. A financial analysis is of the indication that the firm is generating huge businesses and is sure to remain in the industry for a greater length of time coming ahead, even though the future is pretty difficult to predict. Yet the analysis of the previous trends indicates that Diageo is to remain in this industry and has already created its own niche. Therefore, on the basis of the below discussions, it is understood that long term investments in Diageo PLC would be profitable. Background Analysis: Diageo is a leading firm which is spread globally and conducts premium drinks business with a varied collection of outstanding labels. Diageo is mainly concentrated in business regarding beverages. The firm, based in UK, manufactures its products in different countries of the world like Britain, Ireland, United States, Canada, Spain, Italy, Africa, Latin America, Australia, India, and the Caribbean. Based on research, it is seen that they sell their products approximately in 180 markets throughout the world. Diageo is an established firm and, thus, has its own authority in the production and sale of wine. Diageo manages 17 out of 100 of the top world’s spirit brands. ...
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