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Reflection on Interview Student’s Name: Course Code: Institution Affiliation: Date: Reflection on Interview: It is important to have a sound understanding of an interview and it is highly imperative for the students to know that what might occur during an interview and how to deal with the stress of the interview.


For this interview that I have selected, I believe that my understanding and information regarding Shell would benefit me in case if someone would ask me anything related to the company. It is highly important to know your potential organization in order to avoid any embarrassment. This would create a negative image of yourself and of your personality on the minds of your employers. Therefore, I tend to appear as a knowledgeable and informative person when it comes on knowing your employers. This would also enable you to appear confident that you know each and everything in detail about your employers. How Well I Have Answered The Questions: It is not right to say that I have answered all the questions in the right manner. I believe that your answer should be appropriate no matter if you have answered it in a right way or the wrong way. Your answers should reflect your personality, your thinking and your professional approach. I think I would have answered Question 4 (How do you work under pressure) in a more detailed manner. My answer should be: “I enjoy working in a challenging yet, stimulating environment. Time management and prioritizing responsibilities are the key factors in effectively managing your work under extreme pressure and stress. When managing with stress and pressure, I believe that panicking is not the right attitude. ...
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