The scorecard measures Between Toyota&Peugeot

The scorecard measures Between Toyota&Peugeot Essay example
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The scorecard measures Between Toyota & Peugeot Table of contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Balanced scorecard as related to the just-in-time technique in Toyota 3 2.1 Customer 4 2.2 Internal Processes 5 2.3 Employee Learning and Growth 5 2.4 Financial 6 3. Alternative strategic management accounting techniques for Peugeot 6 3.1 Activity based costing in Peugeot 7 3.2 Target costing in Peugeot 8 4.


The organizational profits but also the response of the customers to a firm’s strategic decisions indicate the ability of the organization to identify plans that are aligned with the market trends. The role of various factors in a firm’s performance has been extensively studied in the context of management accounting. A series of management accounting techniques has been developed in order to help firms to measure their performance, either in the short or the long term. Current paper focuses on the potential use of Balanced Scorecard, an accounting technique developed in 1990 by Kaplan and Norton, for measuring the performance of a well known, organization: Toyota. Reference is made to potential scorecard measures under each of the four headings of the balanced scorecard that could be applied to Toyota. At the next level, two alternative strategic management techniques are suggested for another well-known firm of the global automotive industry, Peugeot, at the level that these techniques could possibly help the organization to measure its performance more effectively. The performance of both, Toyota and Peugeot, is compared with reference to these firms’ potential to apply effectively their strategies. ...
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