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Staples Organization Student’s Name Course Name Instructor’s Name Name of Institution Date Staples Organization Staples Organization is a large chain store that deals in office equipments and has more than 2,000 stores in 26 countries across the world.


This discussion will focus on Staples Organization; specifically covering its customers, suppliers, creditors, products, competition, capital structure, sales, profitability, and short- range and long- range outlooks. In addition, it will provide information on the kinds of data and information needed by management and how accounting contributes to the supply of this information (Staples, 2012). In regard to Staples organization customers, it is important to note that it serves its customers under its original name in the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, India, Germany, Portugal, Austria, France, Norway, China, and Italy, while it operates subsidiaries in Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, and Argentina. Staples organization’s customers are comprised of large global and national organizations as well as the wholesale and retail customers (Staples, 2012). The organization has highly customized services and products that are aimed at addressing the unique needs of large global and national organizations. For example, Staples Advantage that operates in most European countries is designed to provide customized services and products to both global and national customers in countries they are operating in (Staples Advantage, 2012). ...
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