The role of an Auditor and Audit Firm

The role of an Auditor and Audit Firm  Essay example
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The Role of an Auditor and Audit Firm Letter to Apollo Shoes Name University Course Tutor Date To Apollo Shoes We Kantha Audit firm offer various services to our clients such as internal audit services. There has been a drastic change in the role played by internal audit due to increased globalization, economic conditions, and emerging risks (Braiotta, & Braiotta, 1994).


Apollo Shoes can also benefit from an external audit of their financial statements. We as the external auditor employ a process that first begins with a wide understanding of your corporate entity or business. Secondly, we consider risks faced by your company, the risk control measures employed by the management and the level of transparency during reporting of findings to stakeholders (Moeller & Robert, 2004). The core elements are the capabilities to adapt consistently to business expansion and dynamic needs, proactive recognition of issues and timely, cooperative resolution- involving management all through the process. Furthermore, our company utilizes a universal audit methodology on all audit practices not considering the location in order to achieve consistency and uniformity in approach. Our firm also has continuous and persistent commitment to continuous expansion. ...
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