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BRIEFING PAPER (Funding a new biotechnology firm) Course Code: 731N1 Course name: Entrepreneurial Finance Tutor name: Josh Siepel Candidate number: 95477 Submission date: 08/03/2012 INTRODUCTION: One of the most important factors for any start up business is to decide about the funding of the required finance and start up investment.


The start up business should keep in consideration the fact that the source of finance should be such that it becomes easy to exit the market, if required (Barrow, Burke, Molian, & Brown, 2005). In this briefing paper an attempt has been made to identify best possible funding pathway for a start up biotechnology firm. For this purpose, different types of finance sources have been defined and evaluated. Also, the funding history of the small technology based firms has been explored and analysed to get an idea of the funding market. Along with this, recommendations have been presented in order to select the best possible source of funds. SOURCES OF FUNDS: Basically, many small firms go for internal finance in the early stage. Self-funding is the most basic way of it. Examples of firms include some famous high-tech companies such as Dell and Apple, both of the founder raised funding with personal savings. General evidence suggest that self-funding is better for founder to maintain the control of enterprise in long-term development. If the investors are not able to finance the all initial requirements of the investment, they start looking for different sources from where funds or finance can be obtained. There are different external sources of funds available to the new start up businesses. ...
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