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(Student’s Name) (Professor) (Subject) (Date) Finance and Accounting Case 4.3 – Suzette Washington I do not believe that that accounting majors have a greater responsibility than other business majors to behave ethically. All business majors are equally responsible to behave ethically as each of their actions can have serious impact not just on the business but also on the consumers and the society that the company operates in.


On the other hand, other business majors such as marketing and management majors have a wider impact. Other business majors are not just responsible for the shareholders of the company but to all the stakeholders of the company and the society/community in which the company operates. Therefore, it would be wrong to say that one business major has a greater responsibility than another to behave ethically. They all are required to equally behave ethically under all circumstances. Case 4.5 – Wiley Jackson There are only 2 decision alternative available: one is to mention what had happened in detail and the second would be to answer it as a ‘no’ and hide the fact and hope that the charge would be expunged from the record before anybody could know. I would choose the first decision and mention in detail what had happened at the party and how it does not showcase my true personality and ethics. The second alternative is too risky and cannot be considered. Another factor adding to this is that Sally Jones from the company was also present at the party and was aware of what had happened. ...
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