Roles of International Financial Institutions

Roles of International Financial Institutions Essay example
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Roles of International Financial Institutions Like business organizations, countries handle finances. International financial institutions are institution that are established and run by a group of countries and operated according to the international law (Hirschey, 2009).


International financial institutions operate under international laws and this regulation applies to their roles. The institutions also operate and dispense their duties with a global focus according to the international laws and policies. The international financial institutions therefore implement international laws and policies. This paper will therefore analyze the roles of international financial institutions and their importance in the management of global risks. The World Bank is the largest and the most common international financial institution. The World Bank offers financial assistance to countries especially the developing countries as its main duty. The institutions mainly targets and finance development projects in the concerned countries with the aim of reducing poverty or assisting the countries to achieve global development goals. The international monetary fund the IMF has roles similar to the roles of the World Bank although the institution specializes in monitoring global economy. International financial institutions (IFI) deals with global financial matters however, their duties are influenced by global politics. International financial institutions implements global policies and this link them with the global politics. The main duty of the IFI is maintaining economic and financial stability in different countries. ...
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