For the Witan Pacific Investment Trust PLC/ analysis fund management

For the Witan Pacific Investment Trust PLC/ analysis fund management Essay example
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Analysis of Witan Pacific Investment Trust Plc- Fund Management Contents Contents 2 1.Introduction 1 2.Overview of Witan Pacific Fund 1 2.1History 1 2.2Investment Objective 2 2.3Investment Strategies 2 2.4Shareholding Pattern 4 2.5Management of the Fund 4 2.6Returns & Gearing 5 2.7Risks 5 3.


The reason for analyzing Witan Pacific is its objective of investing in emerging markets in Asia, especially when the western economies are facing economic turmoil. The motivation for various global funds to invest in emerging markets comes from the fact that growth potential is high and there is less correlation between the emerging markets and developed markets (Arouri, et al., 2010, p. 20). Therefore, the risk and return assessment of Witan Pacific aims to see whether the investment managers have been able to capture the risk-adjusted excess returns from investments in these markets. 2. Overview of Witan Pacific Fund 2.1 History Witan Pacific is an investment trust that was established in 1907 as General Investors & Trustees Limited (GIT). The company then used to invest in a diverse range of assets. Following the 1929 market crash, the company shifted from equities to Treasury Bills, cash and British Government Securities. GIT merged with City and Gracechurch Investment Trust in 1975. GIT was renamed F&C Pacific Investment Trust in 1984. ...
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