financial analysis of Sainsbury plc and Tesco Plc

 financial analysis of Sainsbury plc and Tesco Plc Essay example
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The paper will provide a comparison of financial analysis of two major retailer companies namely Sainsbury plc and Tesco Plc.Both these companiers are the leading food retailers in United Kingdom and they are the well known public listed companies in UK.


The paper will highlight the Key features and the current strategies directed by the companies followed by the Calculation of financial ratios for each company, and Compare with earlier years, that allow to judge the financial performance and position for the company, and to interpret if the company's assessment of its own performance as shown in the Financial Highlights and Chairman's Statement a good representation. Then comparison of the two companies together, followed by comparison with the industrial average. The basic structure of this research essay will be divided to five sections: Firstly: Brief definitions of the company’s activities and their major business, when they operate as well as the current strategies directed by the company and also why choose these two firms; Secondly: The calculation of the financial ratios; Thirdly: Financial Analysis; Fourthly: the limitations of ratios; Finally summary and conclusions. This research essay will also make a research into thedifferent type of stock price prediction models and will select the time series model to predict the stock price for two years and then compare them with the actual stock price of the above companies and present the reasearch findings and will make a detailed analysis of the same. ...
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