Event Study - Rethinking Corporate Governance

Event Study - Rethinking Corporate Governance Essay example
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EVENT STUDY – RETHINKING CORPORATE GOVERNANCE EVENT STUDY – RETHINKING CORPORATE GOVERNANCE (Your name) (Your institution) (Your instructor’s name) (Your course) (Year) Introduction Corporate governance as a process or system in which companies are controlled or directed has an effect on the day to day financial performance of a company.


Inbev is a giant brewer which is based in Belgium and Anheuser Busch is also a brewer that is based in the United States of America. Inbev acquired Anheuser Busch-Inbev and the first announcement on the acquisition was made on 11th June 2008 as mentioned above. The paper shall first carry out an analysis of the data and techniques used to carry out the event study, secondly the paper shall carry out an event study for an event window of 21 days around the event announcement day which is made up of 10 days before the even t and 10 days after the event, thirdly, the paper shall summarize the findings obtained after carrying out the event study and finally the paper shall interpret the results and offer a conclusion on the event study. Data and techniques The data used for this event study is the daily adjusted closing stock prices for Anheuser Busch-Inbev for the period between 9th August 2007 and 25th June 2008 and the daily adjusted closing prices of the Euronext BEL-20 Index for the same period of time. ...
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