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Assignment example - The importance of the Roles Played by the Stock Market

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Finance & Accounting
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Name Instructor Course Date The importance of the roles played by the stock market To enable investors to trade securities, they must be able to access the assets. The primary and secondary securities markets do exist to enable investors have the access and also enable the sale and purchase of securities…

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The stock market has so many roles that it plays and the various roles are of utmost importance as a primary market and as a secondary market in the development of the economy. There are quite a number of the most stable, mature, and well performing stock markets around the world, for instance, London, Hong Kong and New York(Van Antwerp,W,1975)  The roles that the stock markets perform are very central to the development of any economy. By virtue of the primary markets being involved with new securities, this is where an investor interested in initial public offerings of any public company and also government bonds can easily go find them. In such a market, securities are sold to investors directly from the selling company itself. This makes trading at the stock market faster and easier. In the London stock exchange for instance ,one of the most common traded securities are the municipal bonds, this basically entails the direct purchasing of debenture from the concerned authorities, for instance, the municipality. ...
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