Rivington Hospital Laundry Department

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Introduction This report analyzes the performance of the laundry department and Rivington Hospital such that the overall performance of the laundry department is analyzed. The first section of this report discusses the effects of existing budget on the behaviour of laundry supervisor followed by criteria for investigation of variances.


The existing budget is more than enough to demoralize her. This budget may cause some serious changes in the apparent behaviour of the laundry supervisor as she is not happy and satisfied with the way she has been held responsible for every cost of the laundry department. Different kinds of behaviours can be displayed by the laundry supervisor, the details of some of them are provided below: Quality Compromise The biggest change in the behaviour of the laundry supervisor would be shown in terms of the quality that she provides. After this performance report, her aim and objective would be to cut the cost and meet the targets specified in the budgets, and in doing so, if the quality of laundry service is compromised, she would not focus on it too much. After all, the administrators are more concerned with meeting the budgets, in this way the overall quality of the department may likely be hampered by such move of the administrators. ...
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