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Corporate governance Contents Corporate governance 1 Contents 2 Introduction 3 Corporate Governance Development 4 Corporate Governance Practices 8 Application of Corporate Governance Codes in Burberry and BP 9 Recommendation and Conclusion 11 Reference 12 Introduction This project aims to evaluate the development of corporate governance code in UK since 1992.


There is no set definition of corporate governance and mostly depends upon the specific country’s view and oversight of the issue. Generally, it is known as a system of rules and principles as to how an organization should be governed and controlled. The roots of corporate governance lie in ‘Agency Theory’, which explains the problem of principal-agent. The managers or agents are bestowed with the responsibility of managing the company on behalf of the company’s owners or principals. While these agents have informational advantage, the principals have to rely on the board appointed by them to oversee the agents’ management. Therefore, agency theory has had a deep influence in shaping the characteristics and reforms of corporate governance (Lehman, 2005, p.250). A proper governance mechanism in organization was required in order to facilitate a prudent and effective entrepreneurial management to deliver the long-term success of the organization underlying assumption of corporate governance is that the board of directors is responsible for the management of business and control of risks faced by it (Calder, 2008, p.2). ...
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