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Medtronic Inc Introduction Nowadays, there have many companies come into competition for serving the medical needs of the growing population. These companies have great pressure to serve the best possible quality products as the customers are mainly patients and ill people.


Along with these numbers of offerings they have, they possess years of experience which allows them to transform the lives of millions of patient every year globally. Medtronic offers range of products for therapies and medical devices. The company operates its business in more than 120 countries. Its head quarter is situated in Minnesota and has employed around 40,000 people. The overall strategic position and infrastructure of Medtronic Inc is very competent and there is hardly any loophole in its formulated strategies and design. Responsibility in Marketplace For every industry and every firm, marketplace responsibility is essential to maintain. The responsibility and accountability which medical sector holds is far more challenging than any other sector. A single incident of mistake from medicinal institution can rupture the reputation of the company. The case of Medtronic in regards to accountability and responsibility is much stronger as it has hardly encountered any severe case which would have violated the ethical standards. Medtronic Inc not only possesses leadership skills but also possess a strong marketplace in behaving with accountability and responsibility. This role of responsibility and accountability in marketplace reflects the integral role of suppliers and customers for the long term sustainability of Medtronic. ...
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