Financial Management - Study of 3 Companies and their Flotations (IPO) onto the Stock Exchange

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FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT – STUDY OF 3 COMPANIES AND THEIR FLOATATIONS (IPO) ONTO THE STOCK EXCHANGE Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 4 About the companies and its products and services 4 Build-up to the Floatation (IPO) onto the Stock Exchange 6 Groupon Inc.


Through IPO, companies intend to raise money by offering shares for the first time to the outsiders (Espinasse, 2011, p.1). Recently, Groupon, LinkedIn and Angie’s List decided to go public and released their IPOs. ‘Facebook’ has also filed its IPO recently. These are US based high profile internet companies and are running successfully worldwide. There are lot of benefits as well as some challenges too that are to be faced by companies going public. About the companies and its products and services Groupon: Groupon is a daily deal website, headquartered at Chicago, IL, US and was launched in November, 2008. Groupon is an e-commerce marketplace. It provides a link between the local merchants and consumers. The goods and services are offered at a discounting rate to the consumers. Groupon is a means of advertising through internet where local merchants can attract customers in order to facilitate selling of its goods and services. Consumers are informed about the daily deals through emails, websites and mobile applications. These daily deals are about, what the consumers can do, see, eat or buy in their local markets where they live. One coupon named, ‘Groupon’ is offered everyday in each of the markets where it serves. ...
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