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“As organisations move from operating under Fordist conditions to operating under Post-Fordist conditions, the focus of management accounting must change. It must relate to products in different ways and other aspects, such as customers and competitors, must be addressed.” 1.


This change represents a historical shift from the Fordist methods in business to the post-Fordist methods and beyond. This paper will attempt to analyse the role played by management accounting in this historical shift by looking into both Fordism and post-Fordism while trying to realise how changing business requirements have been addressed by management accounting over time. 2. Fordism Fordism refers to an economic and social system that bases itself exclusively on the ideas of Henry Ford’s model of mass production. The use of Fordism is not restricted to the economic domain alone but instead it has been applied to social as well as socio-economic systems too (Thompson, 2005). The essential side of Fordism relies on the fact that goods are produced cheaply in such a fashion that the people producing those goods are able to consume them. This facet of Fordism has made it popular in some Marxist circles as well. However, it has to be realised that the economic and social circumstances that favoured Fordism are now effectively over leading to a shift in Fordism. Some commentators call this shift post-Fordism though other disagree and contend that Fordism has been under constant evolution instead. ...
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