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FINANCIAL PLAN FINANCIAL PLAN (Your name) (Your institution) (Your instructor’s name) (Your course) (Year) Table of contents Item Page Introduction 3 A. Other sections of the business plan 3 i. Business description 4 ii. Mission and Vision of the business 4 iii.


Start up costs estimates and financing 8 ii. Sales projections 9 iii. Assumptions made in revenue and costs estimates 9 iv. Projected income statement 10 v. The projected balance sheet 11 vi. The statement of cash flows 11 vii. Break even analysis 12 viii. Performance analysis 12 C. Conclusion 13 D. List of references 14 Introduction A business plan can be defined as a statement that sets forth the business goals that an individual has; the reasons that compel such an individual to believe that such goals are attainable and the steps and plans that the individual has towards that will help them attain those goals. The plan would also contain background information about the potential business and the team that will be used to help achieve the goals. The business plan has several sections the most important of which is the financial plan which details the revenue and costs forecasts of the business, the budget, the cash flows of the business, the costs requirements, the costs management plans to be applied, the sources from which the business will source its funds, the implementation plan of the business’s finances and the business’s control measures for such finances. Therefore the financial plan can be defined as a plan that shows how much revenue will be generated from the business, how such revenue will allocated on various types of costs, how the surpluses shall be invested and how the deficits shall be sourced. ...
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