Management Accounting at Rivington Hospital

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MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING AT HOSPITALHOSPITAL By NAME Presented to INSTITUTION PROFESSOR COURSE MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING AT HOSPITALHOSPITAL a) Various possible effects on the behavior of the laundry supervisor There is always a high employee turnover rate among skilled laundry supervisors in Chinese and Asian firms (e.


According to the survey, there are more than 60 per cent of them have been in the Hospital for less than one year. Among the HR professionals, there was 38 per cent of them had an increased employee turnover in the past 12-18 months; 53 per cent stayed the same; and only 9 per cent had decreased. For the laundry supervisor, there was 23 per cent of individual contributors, professionals, first-level leaders, and mid-level executives somewhat or likely to leave within the next year. This study shows that employees in Chinese firms are likely to change their job quite often. This is because it is hard for them to stay within the Hospital for a long time. Moreover, studies done by Owens (2006) argue that finding and remaining high qualified laundry supervisors is the greatest problem in the Hospital. Therefore, turnover rates in the Hospital are quite high. This creates room for prediction that turnover rates in the Hospital’s SMEs may be even higher than the results of this survey. This is because SMEs are more informal and instable than MNCs. (Owens, 2006, p. 71). Hence, it is necessary to research the aspects that could influence turnover in SMEs. In Chinese manufacturing firms, voluntary employee turnover is becoming an expensive problem. The issue is even worse for SMEs (Owens, 2006, p. 101). ...
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