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Financial Strategy How Financialisation phenomenon has influenced corporate ownership and control Epstein (2001, 1) defines financialisation as the process where financial institutions, financial markets and financial elites gain higher control over economic outcomes and economic policies or become increasingly important.


Financialisation has influenced corporate ownership and control. Corporate control is basically the mode of its governance and this behaviour is what financial markets has worked to influence and change to align to their own interests. Financialisation has led to a change in corporate control in such a way that managers are disciplined by the prospect of ouster and takeover if they are unable to maximise profits. Because of this, managers are compelled to go for market efficiency improvements such as privately financed equity investments and leveraged buyouts as a way of satisfying stakeholder interests. Basically, managers of corporations are now forced to merge their interests with those of the financial markets. This has eliminated the countervailing force that previously interfered with the ability or willingness of managers to side with excessive financial interests. It has also broke the union-power that used to exist between corporations. This clearly depicts that financialisation has led to a drift in the corporate financial behaviour. Financialisation and its new approach to corporate control have fostered the growth of options like the stock pay option. The main reason behind this is that there is an increased need to align the interests of the management with those of the stakeholders and such options help to accomplish this task successfully. ...
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