Globalization and Internation Financial Crisis

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Globalization& International Financial Crisis Name of the Institute Appears Here Date of Submission Appears Here Table of Contents Introduction 3 Discussion 3 Conclusion & Recommendations 7 References 8 Introduction Globalization refers to the expansion, interdependence and harmonization across the world among nations, human activities, systems and policies. Globalization affects people in most areas of living since it relates to international transfer of goods, labor and knowledge.


This consolidation of global relationships is at the level of individuals, companies, institutions and countries (Campenhout and Cassimon, 2012). The main causes of the process of globalization are the technical progress in the communications and transportation sections, as well as, the political decisions on liberalization of world trade. The study of International Finance is of particular significance in today’s globalized financial marketplace. International finance is a branch of international economics and focuses on the monetary side of the international economy. The subject matter of international finance is useful for students of economics, finance and business studies.  It is theorized that increasing globalization has played a role in creation of a wave of international financial crises in contemporary times (Schmukler and Vesperoni, 2006). ...
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