Four Paired Stocks Worth Watching This Week

Four Paired Stocks Worth Watching This Week Essay example
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Four Paired Stocks Worth Watching This Week Table of Contents I. Introduction 3 II. Stock Pairs 3 1. VVUS and ARNA 3 2. TRP and ENB 5 3. PGLC and CRGC 7 4. ZNGA and Facebook 8 III. Conclusion 9 Works Cited 10 I. Introduction This paper presents four stocks that are paired for the special kind of relationships that exist between the stock pairs.


However, at least three things mitigate this news. One is that the FDA is not compelled to heed the advice of its panels. Two is that pronouncements by spokespersons of the FDA point out that the recent panel recommendation summarized above is not likely to have an impact on existing applications for drug approval. This means that the applications for approval. Three, consensus wisdom from insiders is that at any rate, the two companies already have in their possession a wealth of existing, prior to approval clinical data on human trials involving measuring the impact of their respective medications on strokes and heart ailments, and can comply with the recommendations of the FDA panel if necessary, without resorting to new, pre-approval clinical trials. ...
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