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Running Head: International Financial Management INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT NAVIGATION SYSTEMS, INC. UNIVERSITY NAME INSTRUCTOR NAME STUDENT NAME DATE OF SUBMISSION Part 1 Computation of Spot and 1-year Forward Exchange Rates and Repatriation of ROS The spot foreign exchange rate is the rate at which an immediate transaction is carried out and the date used is the spot date, normally denoted as T + 2 days.


The spot rates extracted from reliable sources for the foreign currencies are depicted in the following table: Currency Spot Exchange Rates Euro / USD 0.7624 € Yuan / USD 6.3123 Yuan These spot exchange rates were used in computing forward exchange rates which are the rates at which a bank or any party is willing to exchange or trade one currency for another at some prescribed date in the future. The forward exchange rate is a kind of a forward price. This rate is computed with the use of the relationship among the spot exchange rate and the differences in the interest rates between two nations. ...
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