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Question 1 A) The organization that I have chosen is Shell which is a group of petrochemical and energy companies. The Shell group was formed when Royal Dutch Petroleum Company in the Netherlands merged with the Shell Transport and Trading Company in the United Kingdom, and is now the 5th largest company in the world.


B) Rhonda Abrams has described the company objectives as a statement which reflects the main goal of the organization and its principles (Rhonda Abrams, p. 61). It is necessary that the company forms a concise objective statement so that it is well understood and communicated throughout the organization. Keeping this definition by Rhonda into consideration, I think that the company aims and objectives of Shell are well defined due to the fact that it clearly states the principles of the organization which is environment friendly development of resources. Also it is a clear and concise statement that can be easily retained by its employees. When it comes to strategy, Jeremy Kourdi describes a company strategy as a plan which guides an organization to achieve greater success and higher profits (Kourdi, p. 3). It keeps into consideration the long term goals of the company and keeping this into consideration, I think Shell has formulated a good company strategy which clearly outlines its aim to innovate and meet the rising needs of energy also taking care of the shareholders’ returns on their investment. This statement mentions its long term goals as well as their concern for the investors, so I think it is a good strategy statement. ...
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