Financial Mnangement (Lindt and Sprungli. Zetar plc companies)

Financial Mnangement (Lindt and Sprungli. Zetar plc companies) Term Paper example
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Financial Mnangement (Lindt and Sprungli. Zetar plc companies)
The paper gives an idea about the two different confectionary companies operating in different parts of the world. Lindt and Sprungli are being stationed in Switzerland, Zetar plc in the UK.


The overview is followed by a comparison of the financial performance of both the company. The financial performance of the company is analyzed by using different measures such as the ratio analysis technique and the comparison of the revenues and the profits of both the organizations. The value of Zetar plc is calculated so as to assess whether Zetar plc can be considered for acquisition purposes by Lindt and Sprungli. This valuation is performed using different methods such as the P/E ratio and the market capitalization concept. Finally, the valuation is used along with other arguments to suggest that the company is worth acquiring. This is further displayed by indicating the different advantages and the disadvantages that the merger/acquisition can bring. Both the advantages and the disadvantages are weighed before the final decision is given.
Company Background and Overview
Lindt and Sprungli is a group of confectionary company which is globally known for its high quality chocolate production. The company’s head quarter is based in Kilchberg, Switzerland. Lindt and Sprungli, more commonly known as Lindt is considered to be a global market leader with respect to the production of chocolates, its products are highly appreciated by people around the globe. ...
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