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Cadez and Guilding (2008) Organization - Essay Example

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Finance & Accounting
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Introduction: Organisations, all over the world, are in the search of different strategic management tools and techniques for coming with effective and efficient strategies. Different analysts and researchers have presented several tools, theories, and techniques which can be followed by the organisations in order to enhance the overall performance and profits (David, 2007)…

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Cadez and Guilding (2008) Organization

Costing a. Attribute Costing b. Life cycle Costing c. Quality Costing d. Target Costing e. Value Chain Costing 2. Planning, control, and performance measurement a. Benchmarking b. Integrated Performance Measurement 3. Strategic Decision Making a. Strategic Costing b. Strategic Pricing c. Brand Valuation 4. Competitor Accounting a. Competitor cost assessment b. Competitive position monitoring c. Competitor performance appraisal 5. Customer Accounting a. Customer Profitability Analysis b. Lifetime Customer Profitability Analysis c. Valuation of Customers as Assets In this paper the strategic management technique of Benchmarking has been presented and defined, along with its benefits for the organisation. Benchmarking and its Benefits for the Organisation: This is the process of comparing ones internal processes with the processes of a company in the same industry, to identify discrepancies. The aim of this activity is to identify the best ways of carrying out a process. ...
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