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Introduction: Increasing globalisation and changing environment have resulted in imposing increasing pressure on the organisations in order to come up with different strategies and methods for remaining competitive in the industry (David, 2007). Organisations are looking for different methods and techniques in order to improve the overall performance which in turn will facilitate in the process of reaping additional profits and gain considerable market share (Lipe & Salterio, 2000).


Apart from this the balanced scorecard focuses on integrating the output or performance different departments and units of the organisation in order to generate more effective consolidated end result (Lawrie & Cobbold, 2004). In this case analysis, the initial process of balanced scorecard has been utilised i.e. the generation of the important performance measures and indicators for the company. If the organisation will review and monitor these performance indicators on regular basis then there will be better control over the overall output and profits of the organisation. Overview of the Company: Bradtech is a subsidiary of another manufacturing company. It is currently facing a very stiff environment. The company under capital constraint from the parent company needs to expand its current capacity. But to this decision are affecting further conditions also: one of the major products of the company is losing its utility and thereby is facing a shrinking market; the other product although new has its own set of constraints. ...
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