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Finance & Accounting
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Name Professor Course Date Finance and accounting Bernice Mountaindog was at happy to finally be back at the Sea Shore Salt. She found the employees were treated right. The top management had no quarrel with granting her request to go on leave so as to pursue a degree in finance.


It is without doubt that table salt had developed into a well-rounded and mature enterprise but Sea Shore Salt had grown gradually over the years however, on the peril of its competitors that were not well known in the business. The company had developed a legacy with its brand name that was ideally known and recognized in the area giving the company a competitive advantage despite it being very difficult to pronounce the name quickly (Sages & Grable 57). Bernice reported to work on January 2, 2006 and everything was seen to be going smoothly until Mr. Brinepool sent her a memo on the company’s cost of capital, giving her the task of explain to all the other managers the company’s weighted average cost of capital. Bernice had not expected such a task so soon and hence, she stayed at the office late that night to prepare for any questions that may be shot at her during the meeting that was scheduled to be held the following day. Bernice at first analyzed and summarized the company’s recent balance sheet to and later on wrote down some points she had discovered: (Sages & Grable 58). The bank where the company had taken a loan charged an interest that was similar to the existing market rate bearing in mind that the long- term debt had previously been issued not so long ago. ...
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