Financial and Accounting Regulation: Turner Review

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Financial and Accounting Regulation: Turner Review Name Course Instructor Institution Date Financial and Accounting Regulation: Turner Review Regulation refers to managerial laws and rules that encompasses rights and assigns duties. Different organizations have different ways of developing their laws and policies that are aimed at improving the functioning of the organization.


Financial regulation is a tool used by financial institutions like the banks, investment institutions and agents as well as brokers so that they can meet the obligations, guidelines and restrictions set upon them by government and international agencies concerned with the financial sector. Financial regulations have been formulated with the purpose of protecting investors and clients to financial institutions from manipulation and exploitation from the management and the dealers of the institutions. The regulations also ensure that financial institutions will be in a position to refund their customers incase it ends up splitting due to poor management and other related problems (Vinten, 2005, p220). It is within the mandate of financial regulation to ensure that there is not discrimination in lending loans; an individual operating a grocery must be accorded equal rights and opportunities like a company manager does (Ely, 2008, p1). The regulatory tool ensures that market operations are not interfered with which include interest rates, market prices. ...
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