SFAS 154 - Accounting Changes and Error Corrections

SFAS 154 - Accounting Changes and Error Corrections Assignment example
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SFAS 154 – Accounting Changes and Error Corrections Introduction Companies are required to follow different accounting policies and principles in respect of their financial reporting requirements. Often it happens that certain accounting principles are changed or repealed or replaced with other new standards.


At times, it also happens that a change in the accounting policy or principle affects the consolidated financial statements of the group as well. So, SFAS 154 aims to highlight all of the above discussed issues in details and provide appropriate guidance as how to incorporate the effects of all those changes in the financial statements of the reporting entity. This article is structured in such a manner that first section describes the overview of SFAS 154 which includes the objective of its issuance as well as the scope of this standard. Next section focuses on recognition, measurement and disclosure requirements of SAFS 154. Third section highlights the comparison of SFAS 154 of FASB with IAS 8 of IASB i.e. a comparison between US GAAP and IFRS in respect of these two standards. An illustrated example is also provided after the comparison of the standards which is then followed by a conclusion which summarizes the whole article. Overview of SFAS 154 Objective Mainly the objective of FASB to issue this standard is to bring more convergence with IASB towards the preparation, development and furnishing the financial statement as a high quality single set across the world (Deloitte, 2008). As IASB has issued IAS 8 on similar footings, therefore it is the intension of both accounting standard boards to bring more harmonized financial statements in most of the areas of accounting. ...
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