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Essay example - Identify Gaps or Weaknesses of the Research or Outcomes

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Finance & Accounting
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Identify gaps or weaknesses of the research or outcomes from 5,000 word report Name Institution Course Date Identify gaps or weaknesses of the research or outcomes from 5,000 word report This paper entails a detailed analysis of the weaknesses in a research paper on Corporate Social Responsibility…

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Weaknesses refer to the quality of lacking strength or firmness. It refers to a state of having defective or inadequate character. The researcher finds Corporate Social Responsibility as an area of major concern in the society. All people and the government should emphasize on it since it addresses many issues affecting the diverse community. Research shows that there is numerous violations to CSR and the government should undertake measures to curb it. Description of research is unfocused and thus inefficient in describing the purpose of research There are many people who question the validity and authenticity of Corporate Social Responsibility since there is evidence of contradiction between what corporations do and say. This makes the description of the research appear as unfocussed or inefficient in describing its purpose. Despite that companies adhere to the rules governing Corporate Social Responsibility, impunities persist. These include the global economic crisis and other ethical issues involving pharmaceutical companies, child labour, and sweatshops. People, therefore, do not realize the relevance of Corporate Social Responsibility in the society since impunity and corporate abuses is increasing (Westhuizen and Maree, 2009). ...
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