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Name: Course Code: Professor: Date of Submission: Banking in the United States of America is under the regulation of various State governmenst and it has numerous liabilities, and an example is that from 2010, its liabilities amounted to 43% of the budget of the National government.


In the United States of America, separate financial regulatory structures are in place to regulate the Insurance and financial securities aspects of the banking sector at the State and the Federal level and. these regulatory agencies are controlled by the Federal government in conjunction with the State governments. In the United States of America, there are laws that are enacted to prevent money laundering, anti-terrorism laws, laws that are meant to prevent usury lending, anti-fraud and privacy laws, and laws to promote lending of money to people with small incomes, all this fall under the banking sector. This paper discusses the performance of the banking industry in America. In effectively discussing this aspect, this paper will give the industrial characteristics of the banking sector in United States of America. It will review the pricing, efficiency and profitability of the banksin America as well as analyze environmental factors that drive the Banking sector in America and thereafter access there impacts. ...
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