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Dissertation Proposal Contents Dissertation Proposal 1 Contents 2 Introduction 3 Problem Statement 3 Aims and Objectives 3 Justification of the Research 4 Research Methods 5 Conclusion 6 Reference 6 Bibliography 7 Introduction Economic development of a country measured by certain factors related to economics.


For making the financial base robust, the government has to use the sources available to them efficiently and should do sector wise development. In the era of globalization, when the economies of the countries connected with each other, the problem in one country can create problem to the whole world. In the year 2007, the economy of the United States has come under trouble. The reason behind the financial depression was that a large number of people got default, as they were unable to pay their housing loans. The bad debt amount of the bank increases at a level that the banks had to declare themselves default. The banks like Lehman Brothers bankrupted. As a result, the economy of the United States tumbled. As the economy of the country was down, the stock market indices also came down at that point of time. As an effect of the incident, the economy of all the countries get into problem as this is an era of globalization (Moseley, 2009). The United States is the biggest economy of the world. When the largest economy of the world was under problem, all the economies get under trouble. The countries, which had trade relations with that country, came under a direct problem. This incident threw questions on the base of the United States economy. If the base of the economy was good, then they could avoid this kind of situation. ...
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