Field Work and Data Collection

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FIELD WORK AND DATA COLLECTION Table of Contents 1.Introduction 4 2.Objective 1 4 2.1Methodology 4 2.2Tool Used 4 2.3Rationale of Questionnaire and Other Sources Used 4 3.Objective 2 11 3.1Methodology 11 3.2Tool Used 11 3.3Rationale of Annual Reports of Companies 12 4.Objective 3 12 4.1Methodology 12 4.2Tool Used 12 4.3Rationale of Accounting Ratios 12 4.3.1 Profitability ratios 13 4.3.2 Liquidity Ratios 14 4.3.3 Efficiency Ratio 14 5.Summary 15 Appendix - 1 16 References 19 1.


2.1 Methodology The methodology used in this study is a survey and relevant research. 2.2 Tool Used A questionnaire has been prepared and other relevant information will be obtained from different sources like journals, newspapers, magazines and articles. 2.3 Rationale of Questionnaire and Other Sources Used The research method that has been used in this study in order to achieve the above mentioned objective is a questionnaire (Appendix – 1). The questionnaire consists of 16 questions that are predominantly closed-ended in nature and it has been prepared for the participants who have the willingness to participate in the same. The main focus of preparing the questions mentioned in the questionnaire was to address the issue of prevailing economic scenario and how it has affected the people. In other words, the questions have been constructed to measure the effect of and related adjustments to the GFC. Closed-ended questions were preferred over open-ended questions because the questions could be easily categorised and is quantifiable (Bechman, 2005). Moreover, closed-ended questions can be analysed easily. ...
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