What Companies Can Learn From The Enron Case and The Impact of the Enron Case? - Essay Example

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What Companies Can Learn From The Enron Case and The Impact of the Enron Case?

The corporation was formed with the merger between two natural gas pipeline corporations, namely Houstan Natural Gas and Internorth Inc. After the merger, the position and corporate image of Enron Corporation improved by a large extent thereby enhancing its productivity and profitability among others in the market of the US. In the year 1989, Enron Corporation became one of the largest gas suppliers of the United States and United Kingdom (UK) with approximately sixty thousand kilometers of gas pipelines (American-Business, 2011). The prime objective of Enron Corporation was to position itself as an inventive as well as a prominent leader in the sector of natural gas of the US. Apart from these, Enron also extended its services in other sectors namely water, fiber optics, newsprint and telecommunications among others. Enron Corporation was quite succesful in its business operations, as its revenue enhanced approximately from US$ 9 billion in the year of 1995 to about US$ 101 billion in 2000 (Dharan & Bufkins, n.d.). It was as a result of enormous international and domestic expansions but the entire amount was cloaked from the shareholders through affiliations with other concerns (Drennan, 2008). Unfortunately, the brand image of Enron Corporation declined due to planned book-keeping fraud known as ‘Enron scandal’and illegal loans. ...
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Soaring rates of compensation is also the other noteworthy cause responsible for the downfall of Enron Corporation. Along with these, defects in the system of management is also liable for the downfall of Enron…
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