Group Research Project: Financial Statement Analysis

Group Research Project: Financial Statement Analysis Research Paper example
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Name: Institution: Instructor: Subject: Date: Ratio Analysis Executive Summary This report looks at an analysis of the financial statements for two companies in the Military defense i.e. BAE systems and Lockhead Martin. Ratio analysis is undertaken in order to interpret the financial information from the creditors and investors view.


Part one: Calculation of Ratios: The purpose of this research is that at the end of the report the learner will be able to Develop online business research skills., Develop timely work patterns; adherence to assigned work schedule., Gain familiarity with real annual reports for companies in a chosen industry., Identify financial information needed to compute selected ratios from real annual reports , Calculate liquidity, solvency and profitability ratios for companies in a chosen industry., Interpret or otherwise explain the meaning of the selected ratios, Assess and describe the relative merits of each company for investors and creditors respectively., Develop interpersonal, collaborative, research skills and report writing skills. ...
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