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Financial System of France Name Course Institution Date Table of Contents Introduction 2 Overview of French Banking System Structure 2 Overview of French Financial System Structure 3 Evidence and Analysis 4 Functions of Each Establishment 4 Banking Risks and Risk Management Techniques 6 Trading Operations and Financial Regulatory Bodies 7 Conclusion 8 Global Financial Crisis on French Banking System 8 Global Financial Crisis on French Financial Market 9 Bibliography 10 Introduction This discussion provides a brief overview of the structure of the banking and financial markets in France.


A concluding remark, which briefly discusses the impact of the global financial crisis on France financial system winds up the paper. Overview of French Banking System Structure French banking system is composed of approximately 450 banking business entities, which operate close to 40,000 branches (Chance, 2003). With this magnitude banking institutions, approximately 60 million people are considered as the banked segment. One of the defining characteristics of French banking system is the proximity of financial and non-financial institutions to the customers, which provide adequate banking services and products (Chance, 2003). Nonetheless, all organizations providing banking services operate under authorized establishments. Authorization of establishments defines the scope of banking activities. The establishments authorized include general-purpose credit institutions, investment service providers, and specialized credit institutions. ...
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