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From the case study, the following activities are performed: Feeding sales- this is the activity that involves entering of the sales transactions in the company data in order capture the amount of sales and the details by the use of the software.


The company is in the process of determining the advantages and drawbacks of automatic feeding of data by the use of the GL software. Data extraction- this is the act of mining raw data from the accounting information system in use by the company. The question is whether the data can sustain numerous needs of the company and the accuracy of the data. Data analysis- after data has been extracted from the system, the company has to enter into the analysis stage where the details of the customers are identified to determine how they could be applied to increase the sales volume of the company. Taking Orders- customers who demand the company’s products were to make order manually, either via telephone or online ordering. This means that the activity of ordering had to be undertaken by the company staff that had to capture the requirements of the customers. Processing orders- after taking the orders, the customer service personnel of top burger had to process the customer orders to ensure that the customers received exactly what they required at the nearest stores. Delivery- burger undertook the activity of delivering their goods to the customers at their doorsteps as a way of gaining competitive edge against their competitors and as a means of increasing their sales volume. ...
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