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Analyze of Southern Cross Healthcare Accounts. Customer Inserts His/her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts Tutor’s Name Date Analyze of Southern Cross Healthcare Accounts In the year 2006 the performance of Southern Cross Health Care was not worse than when the business was acquired by Lloyds and RBS.


The Group was able to deliver shareholders value with the growth during the year finances completely through leaseback and sale arrangement. Although the Group grow significantly during the year they only own 8% share of the market. Over the year the high occupancy rate that cut across all the brands has led the Group revenue to grow $731.9 compared to $610.9 for the year 2006. On the weekly basis at an average fee of $477, the Group generate a revenue of $588.5 and Home EBITDAR before central costs of $177.5m or 30.2 (2006 – 29.7%). The earning/(loss) per share for the year was 1.0p (2006-loss 9.4p). There was a reduction of net debt across the year $17.7m and the group continue to demonstrate a strong cash generation from operation (105.2% -2007 to 103.7-2006 EBITDA adjusted. In the year 2008 as compared to year 2007 the Group increase bed capacity from 34,425 to 37,425. This follows an increase of number of home from 673 to 735 within the year. The average occupancy for the year 2008 was 89.5% as compared to 90.5% for the year 2007. The Group manage to maintain it cost control efficiency of the underlying portfolio and successful integration of its acquisition. The revenue in this year was $889.4m which is an increase as compared to $731.9m for the year 2007. ...
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