Report and Accounts for Tesco PLC

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Report and Accounts for Tesco PLC Name: Institution: Course: Date: Report and Accounts for Tesco PLC Introduction The drink and food sector of retail represents a big firm in the United Kingdom, which provides employment for approximately over 3 million workers in retailing, manufacturing and primary production.


The report provided shows an insight of supermarket sector, the emphasis majorly being on the analysis of its finances, competence, resources and culture. There are two options on future strategies that are suggested regarding financial strategies.This company is amongst the biggest in the globe, vested in operations in approximately 2,318 outlets and has employed over 320,000 employees. It also offers services only via its subsidiaries. The United Kingdom is its largest market, in which it runs in four ways superstore, extra, express and metro. The firm’s own labels of products are categorized under three levels inclusive of normal, finest and value. The firm makes sales of approximately 40,000 products of food inclusive of clothing and some other lines that do not deal in food stuff. Apart from convenient products, many stores contain gas stations, making them amongst the largest independent retailers of petrol in Britain. Other services offered by Tesco include personal finance. The main reason for the success of Tesco is the various products they deal in, popular products and the brand preferences. Furthermore, Tesco operate online sales of product which has seen them expand internationally and get customers all over the world. ...
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