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Events Related to Long Capital Management, The Housing Crisis, and Current Events Related to Sovereign Debt in Europe - Term Paper Example


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Events Related to Long Capital Management, The Housing Crisis, and Current Events Related to Sovereign Debt in Europe

The global housing crisis refers to the peaking prices of housing that started around the latter part of 2006 and continues to manifest even presently. In 2008, the highest ever housing prices were recorded. Perhaps this was because of the global financial crisis that the world was undergoing during this time. The US is one of the countries worst affected by this housing crisis. The housing crisis is so serious because not only does it affect individuals, but it also affects the nation’s mortgage markets. In the US, this crisis has been called the bursting housing bubble. The European Sovereign debt Crisis on the other hand refers to the current financial crisis in Europe whereby some countries’ financial institutions have faced collapse. Moreover, these countries have very high debts coupled with abnormally high bond yields that are spread in government securities. This crisis also began in 2008 due to the global economic meltdown. It was first reported in Iceland whereby, the banking system in this country collapsed. After this, the crisis later spread to countries like Portugal, Ireland and Greece. The effect of this crisis is that it has dented the confidence of the affected countries’ businesses, and the economies as a whole. These three concepts are similar in some aspects, but they are also different. For one, the three components resulted from the global financial meltdown of 2008. The zenith of the global financial crisis was in 2008, having begun in late 2006. By 2008, the global

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financial crisis spread towards many sectors. The fist of this was the banking crisis in Europe which led to these economies getting indebted and suffering a dent in confidence in terms of the markets’ performance. This led to the Sovereign crisis in these countries. Countries like Iceland and Greece continue to suffer from this crisis as they have not been able to recover well. Next came the housing crisis of 2007, and it continues to affect the great economies in the world. Due to the financial crisis that peaked in 2008, housing valuations increased. This continues to affect most aspects of housing ranging from house owners, mortgage markets, real estates and even retail outlets. Another similarity between these events is that governments have come up with efforts aimed at ensuring that the crises are averted. Long term capital investment is a measure that many financial institutions have devised so that they are able to gain enough profits that will transform economies of these particular nations. When the right strategies are put in place, long term capital investment is aimed at ensuring that enough profits are garnered. For example, in countries that have experienced the sovereign debt crisis in Europe, it has been noted that most financial institutions in these countries had employed short term management measures. When the financial crisis hit world markets, these institutions collapsed. From this, these countries changed their approach and they have encouraged most of their institutions to approach a long term approach. The housing crisis and the sovereign debt crisis are both similar also in terms of their effect on the economy. These two concepts have both led to inequality in the economy since they strain the affected countries’ financial markets. They are regarded as destructive forces since nations are spending a lot in order to avert the crisis. By so doing, the economy


Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Events related to long term capital management, the housing crisis and current events related to sovereign debt in Europe Capital investment management refers to a business venture whereby a business organizes its capital so that it grows and in the process generating capital for that particular business…
Author : axel91
Events Related to Long Term Capital Management, The Housing Crisis, and Current Events Related to Sovereign Debt in Europe essay example
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