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Public Sector Budgeting Name Professor’s name Course Date Public sector projects require be closely monitoring and scrutinizing in order to ensure proper implementation and delivery of services. It has always been argued that the private sector has always achieved efficiency in implementation of its contracts because of the level of participation and scrutiny that is done by the stakeholders (Nice, 2002).


Equity therefore demands fairness and justice in the awarding of contracts and the allocation of resources. In the case of LAWA, there had to be a tradeoff between equity and efficiency. To avoid the many millions of money that was incurred in the projects and to ensure that the projects are well done without compromising on quality, I believe that efficiency will be of more importance. In contracting airport services, the government should put more emphasis on efficiency component because of various reasons (Nice, 2002). First, efficiency will ensure that the projects are undertaken at the lowest costs possible without undermining the need of quality services. Users of the airports will demand security when utilizing the services and proper service delivery rather. Secondly, efficiency will reduce the costs and expenditure that is made on the airport contract. The case of LAWA is one in which large public resources was used. The only way of reducing the burden to the public is by ensuring efficiency in the execution of the project. Moreover, efficiency will also ensure that the services provided at the airports are not affected. ...
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