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Name: University Course: Instructor: Date: In public policy affairs, it is realized that the concept of budget preparation normally draws much attention compared to the other issues surrounding budget affairs. Indeed, it can be well stated that much research and discourse revolves around the subjects of budget preparation while the area of execution is given less coverage.


In this respect, the conventional debate that rages on regard the amount of control measures that should be allowed in the execution of the budget amid the need to ensure accountability The challenge arises in the manner various agencies feel that they should be given the flexibility to operate effectively in the present dynamic world. However, Congress on the other hand, feels that giving much flexibility would be tantamount to the failure to perform its constitutional prerogative of implementing the rules that govern the budget process. It is felt that the smooth realization of certain objectives require a given amount of flexibility that is often disregarded by the public and policy implementers. Inasmuch as public funds should be safeguarded, it is imperative to realize that certain programs must always be undertaken with a given amount of flexibility contrary to which they are bound to fail. For instance in the department of defense (DOD), certain radical decisions have to be made in times of urgent need. In such a case, too many regulations might prove to be quite disastrous in the event challenges are realized in the process. Often, agencies are forced to utilize the full allocation they receive without the need to save any funds for future use. ...
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